Ardmore Legacy Single Malt – whisky review

Ardmore Legacy

Today, we’re invited for an unexpected meeting. We meet a peated single malt whisky from Speyside, what is rather unusual for this region, isn’t it? The Ardmore single malt is known for its content in a well-known blend – Teacher’s Highland Cream.


Ardmore Legacy

Ardmore means “Big Height”

Scotch Single Malt

Region: Speyside


40% ABV

Slightly peaty, approx. 8 PPM

Matured in ex-Bourbon casks


Let’s take a look at a Whisky, which is the main component of „Teacher’s” – an interesting blend, known for its smoky character.


Color: gold, fairly bright, with artificial colouring

Tasting notes

Nose: rubber, smoke, sulfur, light notes of oak, alcohol slightly bothers, although without exaggeration, it is not bad hidden under the smoke. 17/25

Taste: a smoked piece of wood … something like a pencil, that laid in the fire for a few seconds, caramel, again you feel a fairly young distillate, but a slight note of smoke, nicely covers it and alcohol is less noticeable. 18/25

Finish: surprisingly long, slightly dry, smoky and caramel. 19/25

Balance: usually Single Malts from this distillery contain 12-14 PPM. In this case, however, 20% of the content is a completely non – peated distillate, called „Ardlair”, which is not produced for sale (it is usually used for the production of blends). The final product looks better than you would expect for the price. A slight breeze of smoke conceals alcohol nicely. 18/25

Overall: 72/100

Other reviews:

Murray (2017): 71.5 / 100

Miler (2016): 73/100

I was surprised by the price. In Netto, in Germany it costs 19 €! It is a very good price, but the quality … is way behind other Malts. In Poland, the price ranges from PLN 100-130.

If you just want to start the adventure with smoky Whiskies, I recommend it. It is better to spend 20 € on this bottle and come to the conclusion that the smoky spirits don’t suit us, rather than buy Oban or Talisker and spend almost twice as much to say the same 😉

Of course, it’s possible that smoky Whiskies will turn out to be exactly what the tigers like the most … then it will be an interesting, delicate start. Later on, it will be time for stronger punch of smoke, for example those Malts from the island of Islay.

I got this bottle as a gift, in a set of miniatures from my boss … (she will probably read it right away)

Sample whisky zestaw


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