Bulldog London Dry Gin – review

Bulldog London Dry Gin

Some time ago a nice miniature took my attention. It was a black mini-bottle with funny name on the label. Bulldog London Dry Gin – a spirit made of 100% grain distillate. I know it sounds funny, but today we are going to taste some bulldog 😉

Bulldog London Dry Gin

40% ABV

Distilled from a wheat in copper still

In production process, there had been 12 ingredients used.

Color: colorless

Tasting notes

Nose: heavily alcoholic, lime, leather, grapefruit … and not much more. 14/25

Palate: weak. Apricot seeds, horseradish, grapefruit peel, cotton candy. Unpleasantly taste if you drink it clean. 15/25

Finish: Contreau, caramel, lemon grass, bitter orange. 17/25

Balance: a typical gin for drinks. Strongly alcoholic and a weak taste. The medium quality finish is the most powerful element of this Gin. 14/25

Overall: 60/100

Price: about 22 € for 0.7 litre bottle. It’s rather a grim joke.


We probably pay only for a nice bottle. Seriously, if we want to know the real taste of Gin, which we could drink without additives, just neat from the glass … we should beware of this dog (Bulldog London Dry Gin).

I do not recommend at all

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