Lo Chardonnay di Nonino Grappa – review

Lo Chardonnay di Nonino Grappa

Cask aging time: 12 months

41% ABV

Color: light, straw. Natural, without the addition of caramel

Tasting notes

Nose: horrible! Rotting sheaf of hay / cereals, tarragon, green tomato, flour, bread, grapes, rancid butter. 16/25

Palate: tea with milk and sugar, milk chocolate, cheap lollipops. 16,5/25

Finish: luckily short. Sour grapes and pears. 13.5 / 25

Balance: the only plus I have found in it, is the fact, that the alcoholic content is well. The back label shows that the 12-month period of aging was supposed to influent the smell … specifically, the vanilla content supposed to appear in the fragrance, but I didn’t find anything like that. From the beginning, to the end, hopeless Grappa. 13/25

Overall: 59 / 100

Price: approx. 25 – 35 €.

Definitely not recommend

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