Why Whisky Reset?

Whisky Reset

Whisky Reset – what a weird name

Food, coffee, tea … all of this leaves a mark on our taste buds. Brushing teeth with a minty paste leaves a mint aftertaste for a long time. What should we do to make Whisky, Cognac, Brandy, or other spirit taste just as it should? It is necessary to „RESET” our taste buds. Chocolate is perfect for this, but it must contain at least 90% cocoa. It is worth buying one, which doesn’t cost much, but one cube before each tasting can work superbly.

What about the scent?

The same principle applies to the smell. When we are in a perfumery, we don’t buy a bottle only because it looks great… but after evaluating several testers, everything could start to mix with other aromas. Therefore, there are coffee grains in such places. A deep breath in between the various scents solves this problem. In the same way, if we try different Whiskies, it is worth to „reset” the fragrance receptors.

Honestly, I rarely play with coffee beans – only when I want to write reviews of various drinks, one after the other … however, when it comes to chocolate … I always start with it (and sometimes also end with it).

What’s really important

The country of origin of chocolate is not particularly important. It’s not a chocolate tasting (I will write something more about it soon). The most important thing is that it is a bitter chocolate, without spices and with a cocoa content of at least 90%.

Whisky Reset

Whisky Reset

Every tasting started this way always brings good results.

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