Grappa Nonino Alla Ruta – review

Grappa Nonino Alla Ruta

Grappa is not the most popular type of alcohol in the world. It’s made from distilled grapes, just like brandy or even Cognac, but in the case of grappa, fermented pomace and grape seeds are distilled, i.e. residues and waste from wine production. The bottle of Grappa Nonino Alla Ruta additionally contains the Ordinary Rue leaf that clearly influences the smell and the flavour of the spirit.

This is the next time when Grappa appears on the blog. Sometimes I didn’t enjoyed it too much, but this time the curiosity won… let’s pour it.

Grappa Nonino Alla Ruta

Made in Italy

43% ABV

Color: light green – slightly darker than the Bison Grass Vodka

Tasting notes

Nose: very alcoholic at the beginning. Later, it becomes a little bit milder. Toffee, lilac flower, sweet berry jam, almonds, dried dates … it’s a bit like a home made high-ABV grape distillate. 19/25

Palate: burning, dried figs, semi-dry wine, sorrel, apple seeds, apricots in syrup (low-sugar), dried apples. Interestingly … it does not remind me anything I’ve tasted so far. 21/25

Finish: dried apricots, dried apples, burnt caramel, cola, dry wine, apple seeds. Sweet-bitter, medium long, pleasant … and very specific. 20/25

Balance: the Ordinary Rue plays an important role here. Without it, it would not be so tasty. This plant, due to its properties, is widely used – also in the production of certain alcohols, such as vermouths, liqueurs or brandies. Here, the smell is very intense and interesting, but quite alcoholic and therefore, a bit too sharp, but in the taste and finish, the alcohol is much better hidden. 20.5 / 25

Overall: 80.5 / 100

Price: approx. 25 €

I recommend … but I don’t force you to buy it 😉

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