Johnnie Walker Black Label – whisky review

Johnnie Walker 12yo

Johnnie Walker Black Label

For most of us (or for at least few), Johnnie Walker Black Label was the first whisky to drink without the addition of coke or ice cubes. It appears, that it’s quite good value for money whisky, even though it’s only a blend.

It’s also slightly peated whisky. Not everyone likes it, but thoses smoky whiskies have a lot of fans (I’m also one of them)

Johnnie Walker Black Label

Blended Scotch Whisky

aged 12 years

40% ABV

Chill filtered

Slightly peated

Johnnie Walker 12

Color: amber, with the addition of e-150 caramel

Tasting notes

Nose: peaches in syrup, wood, smoke, caramel, egg liquor. Alcohol is quite well hidden. Dried figs, walnuts. 21/25

Palate: Talisker emerges immediately – great! Butterscotch, burnt wood, maple syrup, smoke (on the level … between Talisker 10 and Oban 14), ripe pears and bananas, dried plums, cocoa. Delicious 🙂 21/25

Finish: dark chocolate, whipped cream, vanilla, smoke, caramel, nectarines, Sherry. A bit short but pleasant. 20.5 / 25

Balance: well-balanced Whisky. One of the better, popular blends. You can feel the high quality of Single Malts used in the production process, as well as the pleasantly smokiness – not just the one we’ve used to when we have Whiskies from the island of Islay. You can also feel the influence of great quality casks, which quite well hid the alcohol and enhanced the distinct wood tannins in the aroma and taste … 21/25

Overall: 83.5 / 100

It is a pity … it is a pity that this whisky is most often reached by the people who would drink it with Coke, and is underestimated by experienced whisky drinkers. When someone has already tried dozens of Single Malts, he often thinks that blended Whiskies are a stain on the honor of a „connoisseur”. If this description fits you … you DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU’RE MISSING!

Johnnie Walker 12yo

Other reviews:

Murray (2017): 95.5 / 100

Ralfy (2016): 85/100

Serge (2012): 78/100

Price: usually about 20-25 € for 700 ml. Available everywhere.

Good Whisky. I highly recommend it

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    1. Thank you. Soon I’m going to post a comparison between this Johnnie Walker 12, Ballantine’s 12 and Chivas Regal 12.

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