Ballantine’s 12 years old – whisky review

Ballantine's 12

Ballantine’s 12

Right next to Johnnie Walker Black Label, Ballantine’s 12 is probably one of the most popular twelve-year-old scotch whisky in worldwide. Let’s see how it tastes.

Ballantine’s 12

Blended Scotch Whisky

12 years

40% ABV

Chill filtered

Minimally peated

Ballantines 12

Color: amber with the addition of an artificial caramel

Tasting notes

Nose: caramel, wood, vanilla, cones, forest, dried dates, hay … or rather cereals – lots of … whole fields of wheat or barley – it’s an impression like I’d be there on a hot summer day and walked around the fields. A gentle brush of smoke and a beautiful, bourbon aroma cooperates wonderfully with variant fragrances. Alcohol is well hidden. 20.5 / 25

Palate: walnuts, butterscotch, maple syrup, smoke, bourbon, apple seeds, vanilla, whipped cream, marzipan, dark chocolate. Excellent. 21.5 / 25

Finish: long and pleasant. Caramel, wood, walnuts, almonds, espresso. 20/25

Balance: the alcoholic content is quite well hidden. Pleasant taste, you can feel good quality Bourbon casks. The aging time greatly affected the smell and the taste. It seems to be well balanced Whisky, but unfortunately, it’s quite flat. I must say, that it hasn’t blew my mind, although I always come back to this Whisky with pleasure. It is even, tasty and smells good. Nothing less, nothing more. 20/25

Overall: 82/100

Other reviews:

Murray (2017): 87/100

Ralfy (2012): 85/100

Price: 20-25 € for 0.7 liter bottle.

Good Whisky. I would recommend. There is a gap between this version and Ballantine’s Finest. If you like the „white-Original” variant, then by this one, described here, you will be delighted. On the other hand, you can find better blends at this price range.

To sum up, if you’re just looking for an interesting twelve-year-old whisky for a not too high price, you could surely consider Ballantine’s 12.

Ballantine's 12

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