Glenmorangie 10 The Original – whisky review

Glenmorangie 10 The Original

I’ve already tried some whiskies from this distillery, did’t always like it – mostly because of the slightly bitter taste. Let’s see what the Glenmorangie 10 The Original tells us today.

Glenmorangie 10 The Original

Glenmorangie means „The Valley of the Great Wetlands” (mistakenly translated as „calm valley”)

Scotch Single Malt

Region: Highland

10 years old

40% ABV


Matured in ex-Bourbon casks

Chill filtered

Color: amber -1

Tasting notes

Nose: beautiful, bourbon, honey, leather, wood, hay, freshly baked bread, raisins, dried plums, beer yeast, baked apples. Delicate, rich and subtle. 21.5 / 25

Palate: strong black tea, maple syrup, bitter chocolate, wood, ripe figs, hazelnuts, almonds, apple seeds. 21/25

Finish: delicate, Advocaat, caramel, vanilla, chocolate, espresso. A bit short. 20.5 / 25

Balance: the quality of this spirit is undoubtedly influenced by the fact, that the alcoholic content is very well hidden. Fresh, pleasant taste, delicate, though rich scent … this causes that it is worth to come back for this dram. 20/25

Overall: 83/100

I once didn’t like the Glenmorangie 10. I thought it was bitter and flat. Well … a lot has changed. Perhaps the taste changed a bit? Or maybe this environment in which I taste this liquor today affects me so much?

Anyway, today, I really enjoy the Glenmorangie Original. Even though I have to break through the „bitterness layer”, which in theg case of Whiskies doesn’t really approach me, I think, I’ll come back to this Malt. Great Whisky. Great distillery.

Other reviews:

Serge (2017): 79/100

Ralfy (2018): 84/100

Price: approx. 30 €

Definitely recommended

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