Talisker 10 years old – whisky review

Talisker 10

First of all, I must admit, that I discovered Talisker 10 already quite a while ago. As soon as I went to peated malts, I’ve bought a bottle. Now I’m comming back to it just to write this review.

Talisker 10

Talisker means „Sloping Rock”

Single Malt Scotch Whisky 

Region: Islands (Skye)

45.8% ABV

10 years old

Peated, about 20 PPM

Chill-filtered – total pointless. By this percentage of ABV, it is a completely unnecessary procedure, which makes the spirit weaker and takes back a lot of taste impressions.

Matured in ex-Bourbon casks.

Color: gold, with the addition of artificial caramel

Tasting notes

Nose: outstanding. Sea breeze, salty air, forest, smoke, ripe peaches, vanilla, ripe pears, salty caramel, whipped cream, smoked, dried fruit. Alcohol is well hidden. 22 / 25

Palate: quite raw smoke, butterscotch, milk chocolate, wood, leather upholstery, prunes, slightly salty, slightly sweet, but very pleasant. Cocoa, arugula, walnuts, vanilla. 22/25

Finish: smoke, apricot kernels, walnuts, brown caramel, nut liqueur. Long, a little bitter and very pleasant. 21 / 25

Balance: a very good whisky. I recently tried another, 10 year old, peated Single Malt – Highland Park. I honestly admit that there is nothing to compare. Although the profile of both is quite similar, the Talisker released one of the more interesting peaty, ten-year-old Whiskies. This period of aging in ex-Bourbon casks, plus the use of peat for drying barley is enough to hide the alcohol very well and to create a great whisky (just like in the case of the amazing Ardbeg Ten). In this case, to full happiness, I miss two things: a natural color and an important information on the label … three short words, or even two and a half: „un-chill filtered”. 21/25

Overall: 86 / 100

Other reviews:

Ralfy (2017): 81/100

Serge (2018): 90/100

Murray (2017): 93/100

Although it is a great Whisky, it is not yet the level that Ardbeg represents, or Lagavulin, but with some Laphroaigs (Select), Bowmores or some Juras (eg. Superstition), it can easily compete.

However, not every Talisker is so successful. For example, „Storm” tastes quite similar, but it is much more alcoholic and sharp. It’s just not mature. Talisker Skye is also much weaker. This one, however, described by me today, the ten-year version is really ripe and very tasty.

In this price range, it’s hard to get anything better (although it’s not impossible).

I highly recommend it.

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