Scapa Skiren The Orcadian Single Malt – review

Scapa Skiren

A review of a fairly young product today. Scapa Skiren, appeared for the first time in 2015. The distillery has been suspended for about 10 years at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries. The concerns of Diageo and Pernod Ricard helped it to stand up. At that time, the concept appeared to produce several new products without an age statement.

I taste the Batch #07, bottled in 2018.

Scapa Skiren

Scapa means „a Boat”

Skiren is a Nordic word for „bright sky”

Scotch Single Malt

Region: Islands (Orkney)

40% ABV


Matured in new American oak casks, 100% first fill



Color: amber, with the addition of caramel e-150 something 😉

Tasting notes

Nose: fresh oak, flour, salt, white pepper, freshly baked bread, vanilla, butterscotch, marjoram – it’s probably the first time, when I sense this herb in a Whisky. Nice aroma. Alcohol is well hidden for a NAS. The barrels in which Scapa aged influenced the quality – a virgin oak, 100% first fill. Although I don’t like Whiskies produced that way, I must admit that the effect here is very interesting. 21/25

Palate: tarragon, caramel, cocoa, ripe figs, hazelnuts, coffee beans. Here, alcohol doesn’t bother as well. Basically, it’s very nice. 21/25

Finish: almonds, ginger, vanilla, butterscotch, maple syrup. Then there is something like resin, lamb’s lettuce and light bitterness. Pretty long. 21/25

Balance: very even, interesting …I might say: quite intriguing Whisky. From fragrance to finish, it provides a pleasant experience. It’s quite specific. No influence of bourbon or sherry casks, forces you to broaden the horizons to describe the fragrance and taste – quite a lot is happening here. I look forward to return to this Scapa, not only out of curiosity, but simply because it tastes good and I just like it. 21.5 / 25

Overall: 84.5 / 100

Other reviews:

Murray (2017): 89.5 / 100

Serge (2015): 81/100

Price: from about EUR 50 and up

It’s a bit expensive, as for the NAS, but you don’t drink this Whisky like a young, spicy drink. It’s rather rich, aromatic and very interesting. It tastes great.

Despite the fairly high price, I recommend it.

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