Havana Club aged 7 years – rum review

Havana club 7yo

Havana Club aged 7 years

Havana club 7

Havana Club. You could say: „rum known all over the world”, but as it turns out… not so famous as you’d think. Sold by a well-known spirit selling company, Pernod Ricard (owned by such brands as: Glenlivet, Ballantine’s, or even American Wild Turkey), until recently, it was impossible to buy this rum in the USA. All because of the ban on bringing many products from Cuba to this country. It requires some bother to buy this bottle by the US citizen.

Americans under the name of „Havana Club”, better know the liquor produced by Bacardi – which you can easily find in United States. However, it looks a bit different, although apparently there isn’t a big difference between them in the taste itself.

Interestingly, none of these rums is produced in Havana itself, and the one I’m describing today is being created just outside the city border.

Genre: rum

Country: Cuba

Region: Havana (outskirts)

Aging 7 years … and here I attach a little bit. In most rums, the age statement indicates the oldest component of the drink. Just like in this case.

40% ABV

Havana club 7

Color: dark, tea amber, with the addition of artificial caramel

Tasting notes

Nose: I immediately reminded me a combination of brandy and rum. Caramel, wood, raisins, honey, cappuccino, Amarena cherries. Very alcoholic. 17.5 / 25

Palate: wood, caramel, ripe plums, green apples, hazelnut, ripe cherries, grass, lemon peel, brandy. 19/25

Finish: cherry juice, bitterness – something like apple pips, caramel, muscovado sugar. Quite long and medium pleasant. 17/25

Balance: 7 years of aging actually does its job. You can easily fell it primarily on the tongue, because especially there you can feel the taste and influence of the wooden casks. Alcohol in taste is quite well hidden, which, unfortunately, I can’t tell about the smell. The color could suggest the ripeness of the drink, but the rear label informs us of using some artificial caramel for coloring. A decent taste is undoubtedly the strongest accent of this rum. 17.5 / 25

Overall: 71/100

Havana club 7yo

To sum up: it’s an interesting, affordable rum. For me, not a unique phenomenon, although it’s not a catastrophe either. At the beginning of your „rum-journey” it works quite well. You can drink it neat … but… what for?

Price: from approx. 20-25 €

There are a lot better rums in this price range.

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