Rum Malecon Selecction Esplendida 1982 – review

Rum Malecon Selecction Esplendida 1982

Do you also sometimes envy yourself those few moments that are before you when you have something really special in your glass? That’s exactly how I feel right now. Today, it’s not whisky, but I hope, I have an absolute pearl in the world of quality spirits.

Rum Malecon 1982

1982, is the year of distillation

Bottled in 2008

25 years old

40% ABV

Produced in Panama

Bottled by: Caribbean Spirits

Malecon 1982

Color: dark amber. Natural, without the addition of caramel

Nose: quite dry. Vanilla, caramel, wood, cinnamon, whipped cream, milk chocolate, leather upholstery. Alcohol is hidden so well that I almost don’t feel it at all. 22/25

Palate: grapes, vanilla, raisins, dried apricots, stewed apples, cappuccino, butterscotch, cardamom, honey, chocolate liqueur … You can feel almost everything… except alcohol. It tastes wonderful! 22/25

Finish: although very pleasant and smooth, it is the weakest element of this tasting. Rich, clear, but quite short. Wood, leather, vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, prunes, 21,5 / 25

Balance: beautiful aroma, brilliant taste and perfect hiding of alcohol are undoubtedly due to the maturity of this rum. The producer decided, however, that the ABV level should be quite low, and probably that makes it an excellent rum to enjoy it neat. However, it affected the length of the finish (which is still very pleasant anyway). 21/25

Overall: 86,5 / 100

I really expected a revelation, but what I just tried outgrew my wildest expectations. It’s FANTASTIC!

Price: approx. EUR 130

If you look for some alternative to a good Whisky, I recommend it. You won’t be disappointed!

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