William Peel Blended Scotch Whisky – review

William Peel

Let mi begin like this: William Peel is rather popular blend bottled in characteristic flat 1 litre bottles. In the conclusion I’ll write something more about the content.

William Peel

Blended Scotch Whisky


40% ABV

Chill filtered


Color: amber

Tasting notes

Nose: horrible! Same catastrophe as Lauder’s NAS. Wood, wet hay, mustiness, flour, canned corn, dried figs, sand, lime. 13/25

Palate: alcohol, honey, ripe, non-sweet plums, apple peels, sea salt, bread crust. 15 / 25

Finish: cotton candy, lemon peel, cheap, caramel candy, light wood accent. Short and unpleasant. 14/25

Balance: this Whisky is made for cocktails. With ice, Coke, Sprite, or some other addition … and let it stay that way. Nothing has made a positive impression on me when it comes to tasting it neat at room temperature. 14/25

Overall: 56 / 100

Other reviews:

Serge (2016): 40/100

Price: about EUR 12

If you want a cheap Whisky, which you mix in drinks, when you have barbecue in the company of friends, you can try to buy it, but at a similar price (well … maybe slightly higher), you can find much tastier whiskies.

However, in my opinion, the choice of label colors – yellow and black could not be accidental. Wasp, hornet, road signs, especially warning of danger, have the same color for a reason. Run away! As far as possible!

I don’t recommend at all

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