Jim Beam Honey – whiskey liqueur review

Jim Beam Honey

Okay … it’s time to start something new. I add a new category to the blog: „liqueurs. I already collected at least a dozen or so of them and this one – Jim Beam Honey will be there first to review. It is not Bourbon, it is not Whiskey, but I have to place this liquor somewhere.

Honey liqueur combined with Kentucky Straight Bourbon

35% ABV


Color: amber, slightly brighter than the basic version of Jim Beam Original

Tasting notes

Nose: beautiful. Delicate, sweet. It is not difficult to guess what we can find here – Bourbon with honey. Wood, dried dates, raisins, apricots. Alcohol is well hidden. 21/25

Palate: oh … here, unfortunately, it’s not that nice. I like sweet fragrances, but I’m not a sweetness fan in the flavour. At the beginning, we find sugar syrup, then a bit of good quality alcohol. Ripe bananas, peaches in syrup, raisins, wood, hay, sweet, caramel candies, anise, ripe pears. Although we can find a lot here, the general impression is not the most pleasant. 17.5 / 25

Finish: cotton candy, hazelnuts, maple syrup, ripe bananas, almonds. It’s a bit scratchy in the throat and it’s quite short. After a while, the sweetness remains with a light, honey-like bitterness. 16/25

Balance: I’m not going to judge this spirit in the bourbon category. Then the score would have to be very low. But for a liqueur, I must honestly admit that it is actually pretty good. Of course, honey dominates, but it is also pleasantly bourbony. You can really drink it neat, in the room temperature. 21/25

Overall: 75,5 / 100

Price: about EUR 12

In fact, I wrote that we can drink it neat, but … I promised myself that I would try a mix-drink that interested me on one of the Facebook Whisk(e)y groups.

Well, let’s try:


4 cl Jim Beam Honey

25 ml of lemon juice

4 cl apple juice

2-3 slices of cucumber

Ice cubes

… and what came out of it?

I will say it briefly: a very pleasant refreshment, in which you don’t feel alcohol at all … but after a while you feel like it hits your head. Quite dangerous, and at the same time pleasant and tasty drink. Write it down and try it yourself.


Until recently, I wondered what I would do with the rest of the contents of the bottle of this liqueur, as I will review it here … now I know. I will with pleasure come back to this mix-drink. I used juice squeezed from half a large lemon – which together with the cucumber are doing a great job here.

If you have bought, or are planning to buy Jim Beam Honey, be sure to try it in this drink. I would highly recommend it.

And if you want to try neat, without additives, it will be quite an interesting alternative, for example for Jäggermeister or other famous liqueurs

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