Clément Rhum Vieux Agricole V.S.O.P. – review

Clément Rhum Vieux Agricole V.S.O.P.

Today we are facing an interesting rum. It is Clément Rhum Vieux Agricole, made from sugar cane juice. Rums, which base product was not molasses, bring a lot of freshness and have a completely different character than those made of molasses.

French rhum

Distilled from sugar cane juice

Barrel ageing time: minimum 4 years

Matured in new French oak casks, finished in re-charred Bourbon barrels

40% ABV

Color: straw amber

Tasting notes

Nose: caramel, hay, anise, wood, peaches in syrup, chocolate, apple seeds, dried figs. Alcohol is well hidden. The aroma is very pleasant. 22/25

Palate: surprising. Even a bit strange. Sweet. Raisins, dried plums, mandarin, an impression of Brandy, ripe banana. Alcohol is well balanced. 22/25

Finish: caramel, pomegranate, plum jam, marjoram, caramel-cocoa candy, minimal impression of cloves. Pleasant but a bit short. 21.5 / 25

Balance: very good rum for Whisky or Brandy lovers. Anise, wood or caramel don’t prevail. You can feel the purity of the spirit, good quality distillate and those few years of aging in oak barrels did good job as well. Simplicity and honesty in a beautiful edition. 23/25

Overall: 88.5 / 100

Price: about EUR 38-45

Fully recommended

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