Blackadder Raw Cask Rum FourSquare 12 – review

Blackadder Raw Cask Rum FourSquare 12

It’s special moment tonight. Ladies and Gentelman, there’s Blackadder Raw Cask Rum from the FourSquare distillery in my glass.

Foursquare is probably the most well-known rum distillery in Barbados. It’s family owned since 1820. Richard Seale belongs to the forth generation and he is now the owner and the Master Blender of the distillery. He is known for his fight against unfairness in the world of rum. It is mainly about the fact of adding sugar and other additives aimed at „cheating” a potential buyer and giving the impression of a more „smooth” arranged spirit.

How do we check that?

There are many websites, sources in which we can „x-ray” almost every rum, to check, e.g. how much sugar had been added (or whether it was added at all), what is the actual ABV, etc.

Rum described by me today doesn’t contain sugar at all. It is bottled at cask strength, without artificial coloring. Raw Cask means, that the liquor straight from the cask, without chill filtration goes directly to our glass … well, maybe first to the bottle and to the store 😉

Blackadder Raw Cask Rum from the FourSquare distillery

Aging time: 12 years

Date of distillation: June 2003

Date of bottling: March 2016

Bottle number 198 of 248

62.6% ABV

Bottled by a Scottish, independent bottler: Blackadder

Non chill-filtered

Color: light amber. Natural. No additives

Tasting notes

Nose: Grappa, white, sweet grapes, vanilla, wood, leather, candied ginger, Amarena cherries, sweet Sherry. It’s unbelievable! The scent reminds me of some Sherry bombs, like Aberlour A’Bunadh, but it’s a bit sweeter and … a bit more exotic. At the beginning, the alcoholic intensity disturbs a little bit, but after a few minutes, it ceases to be so strongly noticeable. 22/25

Palate: Tonka bean, marzipan, hazelnuts, maple syrup, vanilla, anise, mint, apple seeds, ripe peaches, bananas. Everything is very clearly palpable and incredibly intense. Adding a few drops of water even highlights the great taste. 23/25

Finish: cherries in liqueur, anise, roasted almonds, rosemary, red wine, wood. Long and intense. 22/25

Balance: here is the RUM for cask strength Whiskies lovers especially those from the Speyside region. It can easily compete with them. The transparency and integrity of both the distillery and the independent bottler is reflected from the fragrance to the finish. Brilliant Rum. 23/25

Overall: 90/100

Price: approx. EUR 125

A lot? And how much does a cask strength Single Malt cost, with an age statement of 12 years? Un-chill filtered, bottled without e-150… Exactly.

I would highly recommend!

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