Caol Ila 2011 by Loża Dżentelmenów – whisky review

Caol Ila 2011

Single Cask

When the distillate spent 5 years in an ex-Bourbon cask, the Murray McDavid team (a Scottish, independent bottler) decided to pour the whole into a French wine cask for the next two years. This cask had been selected by Artur Brzychcy and bottled at the cask strength, un-chill filtered, without the artificial colouring. Finally, with the label of Murray McDavid and the „Loża Dżentelmenów” (Gentlemen’s Lodge), the bottle itself can proudly take a place in our bar.

Caol Ila 2011

Caol Ila means „The Sound of Islay” and it’s the name of the strait, on the shore of which the distillery stands

Scotch Single Malt

Single Cask Bottling

Region: Islay

aged 7 years

Cask Strength, 59.4% ABV

Heavily peated, about 25 PPM (well, maybe 30)

Un-chill filtered

Loża Dżentelmenów

Color: natural, amber-ruby. It resembles Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban, but it is slightly lighter


Considering the selection of casks used for maturation, I didn’t know exactly what to expect! Note: I’ve already been savoring the smell for over 10 minutes. It is so specific that it’s difficult to compare it with any other whisky. Sponge cake dipped in cognac, marzipan, peony flower, dried dates, figs soaked in red wine, roasted almonds, plum butter, butterscotch. Then there are fresh wooden boards and leather furniture. At the beginning the aroma was very sweet, with time it gained more depth. Peat smoke doesn’t dominate here, although it’s very clearly perceptible. It beautifully envelops the whole. At the blind tasting I would immediately bet on some malt from Islay, but rather bend towards Bruichladdich, or Laphroaig (only a bit less smoky one). Alcohol is well hidden, for a cask strength whisky. In the aroma, it seems much riper than it actually is. 22/25


Very intense. Less sweet than the nose announced. Dried plums, essence of black tea, smoke (more of it than in the fragrance), vanilla, wood, dark chocolate, whipped cream, resin, cloves, malted barley, maple syrup, baked apples, ash from the potato baked in a campfire, mulled wine. Alcohol isn’t as well hidden as in the fragrance, but still this whisky seems much more mature than it really is. 22.5 / 25


Imagine some sherry-bomb bottled at a cask strength and add a lot of smoke to it. It’s like a combination of the Ardbeg Uigeadail and the Aberlour A’bunadh. The finish is powerful, clear, smoky, wine-y and very long. A bit too sharp (alcoholic), but… it’s a cask strength whisky, so there’s nothing to complain about intensity of alcohol. 21.5 / 25


For me, it’s an atomic bomb in a glass. Smoke doesn’t dominate … the wine doesn’t dominate, the influence of bourbon is clearly perceptible, but it’s also very nicely combined with the whole. I like such strong, distinctive drams and I usually don’t add water, but this time I decided to check what will change if I do so. At the nose: a fudge and milk chocolate appeared (it became even sweeter 😉). At the palate: alcoholic intensity softened a bit, although the whisky hasn’t become weaker, or diluted. Smoke, the influence of wine cask, wood and dried fruits – all this remained and is still clearly perceptible. 23/25

Overall: 89/100

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hmm 🤔

I was kidding 😉 There are no other opinions yet, and I have the pleasure of tasting this whisky as the first blogger in Poland.

„Loża Dżentelmenów”: great job!

Loża Dżentelmenów

photo: Artur Brzychcy

Edit: After a few days a next review appeared. – this whisky has been highly recommended as well.

Price: the pre-order was EUR 70. Now it can cost a bit more.

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Loża Dżentelmenów

Fully recommended

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