Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Decades – whiskey review

Wild Turkey Master's Keep

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Decades

There’s something interesting about bourbon. Something, that tells me: „Hey! Reach for the next one 😁and I do it with pleasure. Maybe it’s the combination of the burnt wood and the caramel accent… I’m not quite sure, but I like it a lot.

Some say that all bourbons have similar taste. Well, in my opinion, the differences between bourbons are not as evident as we can find e.g. between The GlenDronach and Lagavulin, but just put a glass of a basic edition of Four Roses on the table right next to Elijah Craig or Evan Williams to see how much different those Whiskeys really are.

Let me try one of the most interesting bourbon samples I’ve got. I have to admit: my expectations are really high.

Wild Turkey Master's Keep

Pic: Łukasz Pawelec

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Decades

Kentucky Straight Bourbon

52% ABV

Mash Bill: 75% corn, 13% rye, 12% malted barley

Composed of distillates aged 10 to 20 years

Un-chill filtered

Wild Turkey Master's Keep

Color: amber +1, of course natural, like every Straight Bourbon

Tasting Notes

Nose: dry sand, a bit wet ground, lime, peaches in liqueur, wood, honey, caramel, Pu-Erh red tea, grape juice, floor paste. You can feel that the bourbon is mature, but the fragrant itself haven’t blown my mind. Over time, milk chocolate and burnt electric motor appear (quite clearly perceptible). 21/25

Palate: Wow! Unlike the scent, it’s fantastic! Roasted almonds, caramel, cappuccino, coffee ice-cream with caramel coating, anise, cloves, dried plums cooked in sweet wine, cherries in liqueur, raspberry jam, wood. Alcohol is very well hidden, and the taste itself is extremely intense. 23/25

Finish: black pepper grains, buckwheat honey, arugula, walnuts. Medium-long. 21/25

Balance: it’s true that the aroma hadn’t knock me down, but the taste… it’s been a completely different story! Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Decades has been one of the most delicious bourbon I’ve ever tasted. Very mature, intense, pleasant. Despite the fairly high ABV level, it doesn’t disturb in the nose or mouth. You can feel that the bourbon is well balanced. 22/25

Generally: 87/100

Other opinions

whiskybase: 86.83 / 100 based on 25 votes

Price: approx. EUR 200 – 300

Another, very successful whiskey edition from Wild Turkey distillery. This taste … outstanding.

[30 minutes later]

There was the fragrance of a burned electric engine from the hair dryer in the glass, yet, now, after those 30 minutes – it’s lot more obvious! It almost dominates now – a bit weird but beautiful. I like it a lot 🙂

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