Springbank aged 10 years – whisky review

Springbank aged 10 years

Springbank 10

When you pick up a bottle of Springbank, Longrow, or Hazelburn, it’s worth knowing that each stage of their production (from malting, aging to bottling) is made in the distillery. In other words, Springbank is not only a very craft distillery, but also that we are dealing with a very regional product. Let’s see how the Springbank 10 works.

Springbank is one of only three distilleries in Cambeltown. I read once, that this region probably contains the largest concentration of good whisky per square meter in the world 🙂

It’s worth mentioning, that the peat used for smoking the barley is imported from the island … any suggestions? 😉 … Exactly 😁 This is the only ingredient that doesn’t ome from Campbelltown region, but who doesn’t like the Islay peat?

Springbank 10

Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Region: Cambeltown

46% ABV

Slightly peated, approx. 7-8 PPM

Un-chill filtered

Aged in ex-bourbon and sherry casks

Color: amber -1, no caramel added

Tasting notes

Nose: pleasant, sweet and slightly sour. Clover flower, bacon, cinnamon, orange zest, ripe apples, rhubarb cake with crumble, a bit of smoke. Alcohol is well camouflaged, and the aroma itself brings to my mind 10-year-old Benromach. 20/25

Palate: Exactly like the Bunnahabhain aged 12 years, taste impressions bring something completely different from what the nose suggested. Here, fireworks appear groin the very beginning. Toffee, vanilla, peaches, smoke (quite noticeable here), ripe pears, prunes, milk chocolate, coal, muscovado sugar, whipped cream, egg liqueur, molasses, sage, ripe bananas. 23/25

Finish: prunes, honey, caramel, wood, vanilla, elderflower, smoke, lime, lemon balm. Long and pleasant. 22/25

Balance: when I tried this whiskey for the first time a few years ago, I immediately fell in love with it 😍 The sensational quality of the distillate and the composition of the flavor with this hint of smoke made me crazy. Today we have a similar situation. I still enjoy this whisky very much. I like tastings, with a surprise. The nose promises something completely different from what we get in taste. Intense and rich taste, long finish and the alcohol intensity very well hidden. This is the quintessence of good balance. Natural color and the lack of chill-filtration are the big advantages of this whisky. And that taste… brilliant. 22/25

Overall: 87/100

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whiskyfun (2016): 92/100

Ralfy (2011): 86/100

Price: from approx. EUR 45


Brilliant whisky. Highly recommended

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