Hendrick’s Gin 44% – review of a gin from Scotland

Hendrick’s Gin

Today, awarded with many medals (2 double gold and 3 silver at the International Spirit Competition in San Francisco) and hailed in 2003 as the best gin in the world. I introduce Hendrick’s, bottled at 44% ABV. 

Its composition includes, among other ingredients: juniper, coriander and citrus peel, however, it contains less obvious botanicals, such as cucumber and rose petals.  Continue reading „Hendrick’s Gin 44% – review of a gin from Scotland”

Monkey 47 Dry Gin – review of a gin from Germany

Monkey 47

Review of a fantastic Gin today. Known in the whole world, Monkey 47 goes under the microscope, or rather into a glass.

Produced in Germany

47% alcohol

Color: neutral Continue reading „Monkey 47 Dry Gin – review of a gin from Germany”

Bulldog London Dry Gin – review

Bulldog London Dry Gin

Some time ago a nice miniature took my attention. It was a black mini-bottle with funny name on the label. Bulldog London Dry Gin – a spirit made of 100% grain distillate. I know it sounds funny, but today we are going to taste some bulldog 😉

Bulldog London Dry Gin

40% ABV

Distilled from a wheat in copper still

In production process, there had been 12 ingredients used. Continue reading „Bulldog London Dry Gin – review”