Pliska XO – Bulgarian Brandy review

Pliska XO

Pliska XO is a Bulgarian, ten-year-old Brandy with an alcohol content of 40%

Matured in barrels from local oaks growing in the Bulgarian forests (on the slopes of the Strandja mountains)

Capacity: 700 ml

Purchased in 2017

It is made of „wine distillates originating from Great Preslav – a region with magnificent wine traditions, fragrant with flowers, fruits and the sun”, about which the producer informs us on a very nice, cardboard packaging.

Another quote: „Pliska XO is the essence of sunny and friendly Bulgaria in a glass. Its taste stays in the memory for a long time „… let’s see if it really will.

Beautiful, bulky, transparent bottle with a huge natural cork stopper of golden color. Continue reading „Pliska XO – Bulgarian Brandy review”