Pommerscher Greif Batch 06 – whisky review

Pommerscher Greif

Pommerscher Greif is a German blend … and here I have to stop for a moment. The label shows a following statement: „Single Malt & Grain Blended Whisky”

Seriously? They could simply write „blend”, but presumably they would have to lower the price a bit (and the term „Single Malt” itself catches the eye and the liquor can be sold for a bit more money doesn’t it?). This strange term means no more than the fact that malt whisky comes exclusively from a single distillery. The rest is ordinary grain Whisky from column stills.

This is not a NAS. The bottle carries an age statement: „guaranteed aging above 1096 days”. Mercy! The calculator informed me that it was 3 years and one day.

Pommerscher Greif

Pommerscher Greif means „Pomeranian Griffin”

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