Ardbeg Traigh Bhan – whisky review

Ardbeg Traigh Bhan

Ardbeg Traigh Bhan appeared at the distillery core-range in September 2019. This is the first age stated whisky since the times of the Ardbeg Ten. This time it is a 19-year old version, Small Batch, which means that there can be differences in the next batches.

Batch No. 01 is a combination of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry oloroso casks. However, the whisky is not finished in sherry casks, but part of the distillates have been matured in bourbon barrels, and some part in oloroso casks. After the maturation process, the whole had been „married” together and bottled. Continue reading „Ardbeg Traigh Bhan – whisky review”

Glen Scotia Campbeltown Malts Festival 2020 – whisky review

Glen Scotia Campbeltown Malts Festival 2020

Until recently, everyone could attend the Campbeltown Malts Festival (in May, each year), at which distilleries from this region present new editions of their whiskies, bottled especially for this occasion. This year (2020) for obvious reasons, the festival couldn’t take place, however, those special editions of Campbelltown whiskies were available for the consumers. Glen Scotia Campbeltown Malts Festival 2020 is one of them.

Pictures: Ryszard Walus

It’s a peated edition, aged in first-fill bourbon barrels, American oak casks and finished in tawny port casks (which I enjoy much more than „ruby port”). Tawny Port age in smaller casks than ruby, which affects the more pronounced influence of wood on the wine maturing in it.

Continue reading „Glen Scotia Campbeltown Malts Festival 2020 – whisky review”

Benromach 10 years old – whisky review

Benromach 10

Another whisky of the year in Ralfy’s ranking. I love his way of transferring knowledge. In 2014, it was his malt of the year. I have to admit, that for me such a recommendation was enough to hunt for Benromach 10. I’ll pour some immediately and I’m gladly going to share my insights about it.

Benromach 10

Benromach means „Shaggy Mountain” Continue reading „Benromach 10 years old – whisky review”

Bunnahabhain 12 years old – whisky review

Bunnahabhain 12

When I tried Bunnahabhain 12 for the first time, it blew my mind. It was one of the best whiskies at the beginning of my whisky-journey.

Of course, with time, there had been better, even a lot better drams. However, every time I come back to Bunnahabhain 12, it brings me a lot of pleasure. Has anything changed about it? Let’s find out. Continue reading „Bunnahabhain 12 years old – whisky review”

Springbank aged 10 years – whisky review

Springbank 10

When you pick up a bottle of Springbank, Longrow, or Hazelburn, it’s worth knowing that each stage of their production (from malting, aging to bottling) is made in the distillery. In other words, Springbank is not only a very craft distillery, but also that we are dealing with a very regional product. Let’s see how the Springbank 10 works.

Springbank is one of only three distilleries in Cambeltown. I read once, that this region probably contains the largest concentration of good whisky per square meter in the world 🙂 Continue reading „Springbank aged 10 years – whisky review”

Tomintoul 16 years old – whisky review

Tomintoul 16

The Tomintoul distillery in its present form was founded in 1965, although a distillery called Tomintoul already existed a lot earlier – in 1830s. The owners of the company have been changed a number of times, more or less successfully. Currently, the distillery makes full use of its production capacity. 3 million liters of pure alcohol per year and over 100,000 barrels in which the distillate matures are really impressive. Continue reading „Tomintoul 16 years old – whisky review”

Laphroaig Select Islay Single Malt – whisky review

Laphroaig Select

Ian Hunter, the last owner of the distillery belonging to the founders family went to Jamaica, to gather knowledge about the art of maturation. The key-point of this process is using different types of wood casks, which brings various flavours to the distillate. Later on, he went to Kentucky to learn more about the secrets of aging whisky in the American oak barrels. He noticed then that the American oak would match the character of Laphroaig better than the European oak, in which sherry matures first.

At the turn of the 1940s and 1950s, Laphroaig launched something new – the use of American oak barrels, as well as Sherry casks, which gave the drink a different character. Continue reading „Laphroaig Select Islay Single Malt – whisky review”

Caol Ila 2011 by Loża Dżentelmenów – whisky review

Caol Ila 2011

Single Cask

When the distillate spent 5 years in an ex-Bourbon cask, the Murray McDavid team (a Scottish, independent bottler) decided to pour the whole into a French wine cask for the next two years. This cask had been selected by Artur Brzychcy and bottled at the cask strength, un-chill filtered, without the artificial colouring. Finally, with the label of Murray McDavid and the „Loża Dżentelmenów” (Gentlemen’s Lodge), the bottle itself can proudly take a place in our bar. Continue reading „Caol Ila 2011 by Loża Dżentelmenów – whisky review”

BenRiach aged 10 years – whisky review

BenRiach 10

Today, there’s a whisky from the very heart of Speyside in my glass. The BenRiach distillery has a lot to offer, when it comes to distillery bottlings. The BenRiach 10 had been matured in ex-borbon and ex-sherry casks, without artificial colouring and also withou chill-filtration. Suits me 😉 Continue reading „BenRiach aged 10 years – whisky review”

Blackadder Raw Cask Rum FourSquare 12 – review

Blackadder Raw Cask Rum FourSquare 12

It’s special moment tonight. Ladies and Gentelman, there’s Blackadder Raw Cask Rum from the FourSquare distillery in my glass.

Foursquare is probably the most well-known rum distillery in Barbados. It’s family owned since 1820. Richard Seale belongs to the forth generation and he is now the owner and the Master Blender of the distillery. He is known for his fight against unfairness in the world of rum. It is mainly about the fact of adding sugar and other additives aimed at „cheating” a potential buyer and giving the impression of a more „smooth” arranged spirit. Continue reading „Blackadder Raw Cask Rum FourSquare 12 – review”